Ducatus Coin

Inspired by the ancient Roman trading coin and fuelled by the revolutionary spirit that created digital money, Ducatus Coin presents an alternative form of financial exchange – one that is inclusive, unique and offers boundless possibilities.

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Cryptocurrency for everyday living

Enjoy the freedom of cashless, borderless and secure everyday transactions, from buying your morning coffee to purchasing your dream home, now all possible with Ducatus Coin.

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Championing the crypto-economy

With Distribution, Convertibility and Usability (DUC) at its core, Ducatus Coin encourages the practical use and application of cryptocurrency in real life. These traits are instrumental in helping build a solid crypto-economy for the future.

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A New Financial Evolution

To be the world’s most popular and usable cryptocurrency…

One Ducatus Per Person on the Planet.

Based on the principles of the Italian mathematician Leonardo Fibonacci, Ducatus has generated a total of 7,778,742,049 crypto coins. Once these coins have all been distributed, their number will be similar to the number of people on our planet.

The vision for Ducatus Coin is bold. But with a combination of world-class digital infrastructure, a powerful network distribution system, and a suite of related crypto-economy businesses, it is a goal that is not impossible to achieve.

Ducatus Coin owners can now access a wide range of products and services both from Ducatus Crypto-Economy businesses and third-party merchants. These crypto-economy businesses are being rolled out around the word in parallel with the distribution of our coins to demonstrate real-world applications not only for Ducatus Coin but also for cryptocurrencies as a whole.

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Communities popularise technologies.

Companies like Ducatus make them mainstream.

Ducatus develops coins

Ducatus Coins are pre-mined and sold, then profits are invested to build the brand.

Coin technology is developed internally based on our strategic long-term business plan.

Ducatus maintains market-leading standards

Managed by experienced professionals with backgrounds in a range of fields including marketing, finance, and engineering


Visible and accessible senior management team and shareholders


Cooperates with government bodies and abides by regulations set by authorities

Ducatus is a business, not a
technology project

in 2016

Highly-experienced global Management Team

Dynamic global sales team: Networking Marketing Strategy

Nearly 1 Billion Ducatus Coins sold in over 180 countries as of January 2020

Usability with the Ducatus Crypto-Economy

Use Ducatus Coins to buy coffee, book a holiday, shop for souvenirs. You can even purchase property or your dream home, if you wish. These and more financial exchanges are made possible through the unique Ducatus Crypto-Economy.

Ducatus believes that usability is the ultimate measure of legitimate currency. In support of this vision, Ducatus affiliate businesses offering basic needs were created to deliver ease and convenience to Ducatus Coin and other crypto users. These Ducatus businesses are the cornerstones of the Ducatus Crypto-Economy. From buying an espresso to booking a room at a luxury hotel, transactions that used to be cash-only can now be cashless, through the use of Ducatus Coin.

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